5 Must Haves For Baby

Parenting/Motherhood / Monday, September 25th, 2017

When I was pregnant and trying to prepare for Alice, I was researching like crazy to figure out all of the must haves we would need before her arrival. There are tons of things a baby will need, obviously. This blog post, though, is dedicated to the absolute essentials that I couldn’t live without. Posts like this one are exactly what helped me have exactly what I needed for my sweet girl.

You know all of the basic things: diapers, wipes, onesies, socks. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the other must haves you may not have thought about!

  1. Mittens. I know that it sounds kind of crazy to have mittens on this list, but hear me out. When babies are first born, their fingernails are really crazy sometimes. They are uneven and jagged. Some are long, some aren’t. But, they’re also really flimsy which makes it difficult to cut them at first. Until you’re comfortable cutting your babies nails, mittens will be a lifesaver for you. Why? Because babies can’t control their reflexes yet and often scratch their faces and eyes in their sleep. With mittens, you can sleep well knowing that your sweet baby won’t be hurting him/herself in her sleep.
  2. A diaper bag that you can wear on your back. Trust me on this one. My diaper bag (Lily Jade) converts from a backpack, to a regular strap, to a long strap you can wear as a hipster. I utilize the backpack so much more than anything else. When you’re carrying your baby in his/her car seat, plus groceries in one hand, plus trying to unlock the door to your car or house… well, lets just say the backpack diaper bag will be your best friend.
  3. Tommee Tippee bottles. Alice had a lot of issues right in those first few weeks with gas and constipation and not being able to burp. Someone suggested I try tommee tippee bottles and IMMEDIATELY we saw the difference. It’s all we will use now. We formula feed, but they have breastfeeding options too that my friends who breastfeed seriously rave about.
  4. Back seat mirrors for babies. Honestly, I don’t have one yet. I think about how badly I want one every single time I’m in the car though. I just keep forgetting to stop and get one. When Alice starts crying randomly in the car, or even when she’s being way too quiet, a back seat mirror would be so nice to have so that I can just look back and check on her. I’ve had to jump out of the car at stop lights or turn into parking lots just to get out and check on her because I don’t have one of these.
  5. Footie pajamas. Obviously you’re going to get a ton of clothes for baby and go and buy a ton. It’s one of the most fun things to do when preparing for baby. Invest in some footie pajamas. It’s sometimes a hassle to deal with them when you are changing a diaper at night, but they are wonderful for baby and keep him/her so warm without having to use a blanket at night! I’ve tried socks before and Alice just kicks them off at night and her little feet are freezing by the time she wakes up.


There are really a lot of things baby is going to need. Baby baths, towels and wash cloths, baby monitors, gas drops and baby Tylenol, blankets, snot suckers, etc. The list is honestly never ending. This list is just the 5 must haves that I never really thought much about when preparing for Alice, but I’m so, so glad that I have them now.



What were some of your must haves for your babies? What about when they start getting older, I’m already thinking about all of the new things I’ll need as Alice grows and grows (which she’s really good at doing! lol).

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