New Routine: How I Plan To Adjust

Health/Fitness, Parenting/Motherhood / Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

A new job, a new routine, a sleep-fighting baby… oh my! Oh… and I’m starting to lose my hair!

A new job. Yep. I finally bit the bullet and applied for a job at a daycare and got hired! I’ve been out of the workforce for quite a while, so to say that I’m excited is an understatement. I am even more excited that I still get to be around my girl while providing some extra income for our family. Not only that, you all know that I’m a crazy dog mom and I couldn’t bear to leave Honey at home by herself all day. Well, the daycare informed me that I would be on a split shift schedule. So, I get to come home in the middle of the day for a while. It’s almost too good to be true, right? Well, we’ll see. I haven’t started yet. We’re just waiting on my background check to come back.

I’m a little nervous honestly. I’m not nervous to work; I’m a natural born worker so I know I’ll do just fine. I’m nervous that I won’t be able to keep up with my working out, keeping the house clean, my blog, spending time with my family, cooking (which results in eating fast food), etc. There’s just not enough time in the day it feels like.

So, what are my plans to keep up with everything this new routine is changing up?

Working out: I plan to bring my workout clothes with me to work, so when I leave I can go straight to the gym and meet my husband there. I know that if I go home first, I will get too comfortable to want to leave again. Plus, I would hate to keep coming home to Honey (my Chihuahua) just to leave again.

Keeping the house clean: Ugh. It’s such a chore honestly. We have such a small little townhouse, I have no idea how we manage to make a mess in here. I plan on making sure two things are always done: the dishes, and the laundry. As weird as it sounds, this goes along with my budget too. I know it sounds crazy, but when your dishes and your laundry are always done and you have control over them, you’ll have such a better chance at staying on top of your budget. I also think that the laundry and the dishes being done will have like a snowball effect on the rest of the house. The dishes are done and put up, so I’ll just wipe down the counters and sweep the floors. The laundry is done and put away, so I’ll make the bed and keep our room tidy. Andrew is in charge of taking out the trash (all I have to do is keep reminding him… men).

My blog: Super nervous about this one honestly. I love blogging and writing and reading. I think that I’m going to have to really commit to this. I’m already struggling to write as much as I said I would. But, my hope is that, with working and continuing my gym experience and also a new budgeting trick I’m going to start doing, I’ll have plenty to talk about and keep writing about. Also, how could I not have something to write about with a growing baby girl!

Spending time with my family: I don’t want family time to start lacking because we’re tired or too busy with other things. I’m happy that Andrew and I both have similar interests and find fun in the simple things. So, just being able to cuddle up on the couch and watch some TV or even go for a walk around our neighborhood would make me happy. I have a lot of pride in my marriage and my little family, I think this one will be easier for us to maintain because it’s definitely the most important thing to both of us.

Cooking: We already have issues with cooking so this is going to take some determination. I am hoping to utilize our crock pot more often because that makes cooking so easy (and you use less dishes… less dishes=less cleaning!). I don’t want to be so tired when we come home that we run out to a fast food place to get something for supper. It’s not good for our budget, or our booties… lol. I’m finally starting to see my weight dropping and I don’t want to ruin that.

I mentioned that I have a sleep-fighting baby. Y’all. She is so serious about staying awake as much as possible. I’ve said before that she’s a pretty easy baby. I’m so thankful and lucky to have such a great first experience as a mother. But, she works SO hard to stay awake. She whines when she gets tired, so she’ll kick her legs and shake her head back and forth to keep herself awake. She only does this during the day, at night she goes to sleep so easily. The only thing we have found that gets her to sleep during the day is to put a bottle in her mouth while she’s laying down (yes, we set it up with a blanket). She’ll usually eat like an ounce and then K.O. seriously. She’s snoring right now because of that exact method. It works for us right now, I don’t know what we’ll do if she stops wanting us to give her the bottle to soothe her to sleep.

Ok, finally…. let’s talk about hair.

I’m starting to lose my hair. I know it’s normal after you have a baby. I’m not worried because I’m not losing mine in chunks like most mother’s do. I am just so tired of feeling strands of hair on my arms! I never took prenatal vitamins during my pregnancy (I’m not suggesting that you don’t do that… listen to your doctors… I just didn’t care to), so I think it helped a little with not losing so much. But, it’s inevitable to lose some apparently. When does it stop? It’s getting on my last nerve.


Questions for my readers: 

  1. What are your go-to crock pot recipes? Any yummy dinners you’ve made in the past that you’d recommend?
  2. Mommies…. have you experienced a sleep fighting baby? What do you do to help him/her get to sleep for naps?
  3. Is there any little tips or tricks to stop my stupid hair from falling out?… seriously it’s so annoying.
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