My Body: A Thank You

Health/Fitness / Thursday, September 14th, 2017

I am proud of my body. I am. I’ve been really hard on myself and my body over the last couple of months. I’ve been looking in the mirror in disgust. That ends now.


Everytime I bring up my body to anyone, they always say, “give yourself a break. You just had a baby.”

I always got annoyed with that response because I see so many people who look amazing IMMEDIATELY after giving birth. But, the last time I was given that response, I actually thought about it.

The other day, I was staring at my naked body in the mirror. I was noticing all of my imperfections and loose skin. I saw the cellulite on the back of my legs and the stretch marks on my thighs. I noticed the linea negra that hasn’t gone away yet since having Alice. I saw the extra fat around my waist. I was disgusted. 

And then I remembered everyone who said, “you just had a baby.” And so I thought about that, and reexamined my body.

I remembered the growing belly that Alice was safe and thriving in for 9 months. The belly that kept her safe in a wreck. The belly that her heart beat it’s first beat in. The belly that she smiled her first smile in. The belly where she had her first meal and kicked her legs for the first time. I smiled. And then I noticed my stretch marks again and realized that my body had to grow while Alice grew. And so I have marks on my body that will always remind me of her. And I smiled again.

And I realized that this was the first time I had smiled at my own body in months. And that made me sad because my body gave me the best gift. And it did everything it was supposed to do. It kept Alice healthy AND myself healthy.

I’m proud of my body. 

And although I’m not seeing a lot of results yet (even though my husband says he is), I’m happy that I’m taking the steps to a healthier body. Taking care of this body of mine is so important. Because without this body, one of the most important little girl’s in my entire life wouldn’t be here today.

Thank you body. I love you.

Ps– even though I can’t see it, I’m now at 159 lbs! Still trusting the process.

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    1. So, right now I’m focusing on cardio. Running about 15 minutes a day (well actually jogging). It’s getting me sweating more so I can drop weight a little faster. But about 2x a week I’ll work out with weights. Mostly focusing on my butt and legs or my arms. For my butt and legs, I do sumo squats (just regular squats with your legs spread apart), lunges, cable kickbacks (hard to explain those but you can look them up!). Arms are pretty easy… I just do whatever my husband has me do. Which is normally using dumbbells. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. You can email me ( or message me on facebook if you want to talk more about what I’m doing. I’m actually starting to see more progress now that I got past the first month!

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